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Welcome to Primitive Artist Alvin Batiste's Website and Virtual Gallery

Alvin's Work will be on exibit at the Grapevine Resterant in Donaldsonville through Feburary. Alvin's work will also be at the West Baton Rouge Museum in Port Allen through Feburary with an open to the public reception From 1-4pm Saturday Feburary 1st, 2014.

Come out to meet Artist Alvin Batiste!
Alvin Batiste

This is the website of African American primitive artist Alvin Batiste -unequivocally the most sought after and collected country artist since the likes of Clementine Hunter.  Alvin Batiste lives and works in the heart of a  Donaldsonville, Louisiana. It is here almost each day, that a virtual unknown (only a decade ago) has become the burgeoning celebrity of his time.
Billy-Bob Thornton
If you haven't heard of primitive Alvin Batiste, just ask Oscar Winner Billy-Bob Thornton.  Alvin Batiste was commissioned by Billy-Bob to create primitive art for  the cover of his most recent CD release  Private Radio on September 11th, 2001 (see Press Room for more information on primitive art).


But it does not take an appeal to an authority to be sucked into the vacuum of primitive artiste AlvinAlvin Painting Batiste's world. Spend only a few minutes watching him through FramerDave's Frame Shop window as he paints his original works, or look into the calm and peace of his face and you will instantly feel compelled to examine the wisdom from behind his eyes, that flows effortlessly from his hands to the canvas.

Recognizing that his peace comes from up above, Alvin Batiste has infectiously managed to capture the hearts and imaginations of people from every demographic. He is a visionary, a story teller and an artist's artist.

Painting of the Month: will return soon!

Personal Appearances

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